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A Successful J-break

After a month of hard work, I as well as everyone else at Luther enjoyed a week off from school. Like most small breaks, most of the students who live close enough went home for break. For the most part, it felt like only athletes and international students remained over the break, much like fall break back in October.

Unlike fall break, however, was the fact that the Caf was open all break! This was a welcome surprise to me, as I was assuming that I would have to eat off campus like last time. Because the dining staff did this, the basketball team was expected to go to all meals to make it worth their while. This included early breakfasts at 7:00 AM, which was tough to wake up for sometimes but was worth it in the end.

When it came to basketball during J-term, we practiced but didn't have to lift. During the break, however, team lifts started up again. Honestly, I'm glad that they're back: it's much more fun to lift with the team than it is by yourself.

Outside of basketball, I had a lot of free time. To keep me occupied, I began a new piano piece, Prelude in C sharp minor, by Rachmoninov. I especially enjoy it because of its unique feel. It sounds like C'thulu has awakened and has started climbing the Empire State Building; It has an eerie but epic tone to it.

Towards the end of J-break, I also made use of my free time by writing some much-needed letters to family. When you live as far away from home as I do, it's important to stay connected to family.

Overall, J-break was a very positive experience. I believe it stems from the length of the break: it's long enough to give time to relax, while at the same time not being so long to the point of losing the productive spirit gained during J-term. In the end, I'm thankful for the fact that I can say that I look forward to J-break next year!

Jack Desmul

Jack Desmul

Jack is a first-year at Luther studying management. He hails from Kalispell, Montana, where his family runs an apple orchard and cidery. When he isn't studying for his management classes, he can be found playing basketball in Regents, or playing piano in Jensen. He also sings in Norsemen!

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To say I was ecstatic to have access to the Caf over J-break would be an understatement.
A shot from the second floor of Legends Fitness for Life Center, where all of Luther's athletic teams train.

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