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Looking Towards the Future

So here I am. Four years ago I was still set on studying English, and I hadn’t even tacked Classical Languages on as a major. Although I had been encouraged to consider applying for the Nottingham Program when the time came, I had already made up my mind against it. “Too much of a commitment,” I thought.

Now look at me, nowhere near what I had expected, but exactly where I had always secretly known I would end up. Way back when I first registered for courses, and I put “Intro to Philosophy” on the list, I secretly knew that I would break things off with English. And when I let the Nottingham Application deadline pass me by, I had an inkling that somehow I wasn’t rid of it (only to learn, later, that the deadline had been extended).

I am hesitant to think of life as following a narrative scheme, because such a perspective can lead to great trouble, but as I reflect at the beginning of my final semester, I cannot help but see the ways in which a tangled web of events brought me to a predestined conclusion.

But I have not reached the end of it yet! There is plenty to anticipate in the coming months, so today I think that I’ll devote a moment to taking stock of what’s ahead.

I am excited to be enrolled in classes on Latin, Pompeii, and syntax this semester (with an additional audit of Greek). This is a far cry from the five courses I was enrolled in not so long ago, and hopefully I will be able to sit back and enjoy my time a little more as the spring slowly creeps in. I have also returned to the Wind and Percussion Ensemble for a last musical hurrah.

There is something else, too, something ursine, and whether it will prove to be teddy bear or grizzly waits to be seen. I am speaking, of course, of my senior paper. I hope that once I find myself some solid footing, it will come together easily and even be enjoyable. At the moment, things seem to be rolling along well as I collect information on identity and begin to ponder the question of whether some identities can be looped, such that certain characteristics influence the identity while the identity, itself, influences the nature of the characteristics that define it.

The months ahead are certain to be full of “lasts”, but that doesn’t mean they won’t leave lasting memories. I can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store!

Martin Luther also looks to be pondering the future
My textbooks for "Pompeii: Life and Death in a Roman City"
My growing collection of senior paper research material
Heavy snowfall makes me think that spring may still be a long time coming

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