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Christmas at Luther

Christmas at Luther, also known as "[email protected]," is a pretty big deal at Luther, to the say the least. There are more than 600 students that participate in Luther's premier Christmas program annually, and this year I was lucky enough to be among them.

I had heard about Christmas at Luther before back in Montana and was, in fact, something that drew me to Luther. It should come as no surprise that [email protected] has a reputation that reaches across state lines. [email protected] is broadcasted annually on radio stations across the Midwest.

[email protected] holds a high standard of excellence, and the amount of preparation that went into it reflects that. In the two weeks before [email protected], all six choirs came together to rehearse. Rehearsals were often two hours or more, with a six-hour rehearsal sprinkled in! Between [email protected], basketball, and class, it was no doubt a busy time for me.

However, the result was well worth the preparation. I had been in Christmas concerts back home, but none compared to the scale of [email protected] From the choir to the full symphony orchestra, to the organ, to the bell-ringers, the auditorium came alive with the unique beauty of each song.

It's one thing to be in the audience of a [email protected] performance, and it's another to be on stage. I will never forget my first time walking out onto the risers. As I turned to the audience, I beheld the sight of thousands of beaming faces joined in song with us to "O Come, All Ye Faithful." After the hymn, I gazed across the hall and found it a challenge to spot an empty seat. There is nothing that compares to performing for a packed house; it's truly an exhilarating experience!

Christmas at Luther is one of those events that you will never forget; It's awe-inspiring and serves as a reminder to the wonders of human expression. If you're ever in Decorah in early December, I recommend you come to a [email protected] performance; you won't regret it!

Jack Desmul

Jack Desmul

Jack is a first-year at Luther studying management. He hails from Kalispell, Montana, where his family runs an apple orchard and cidery. When he isn't studying for his management classes, he can be found playing basketball in Regents, or playing piano in Jensen. He also sings in Norsemen!

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A balcony shot of the stage during a dress rehearsal.
Norsemen, Luther's first-year men's ensemble (the choir I'm in!), singing "Ring Out Ye Bells" from the balcony.
The assortment of bells used by the Luther Ringers.

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  • December 18 2017 at 5:28 pm

    This is an amazing venue to enjoy Christmas.  I hope I could make it! Merry Christmas everyone!

    link removed

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