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Semester in Review

Well, it’s just about over. I’ll admit, there were times I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but fall semester of my senior year is quickly running out. It’s been one heck of a ride. I sit here in the library, surrounded by stacks of books with one Final Paper done and another drafted, just needing some clarifying edits. Before tackling that, I have decided to take a break and look at the semester in review.

First things first, taking twenty-two credits was no joke. Many were the days that I was unable to devote the time I would have liked to one class or another. I can’t say that I recommend the experience to anyone, and I’d never do it again, but I must admit that it feels pretty good to have accomplished such a feat.

Outside of bookwork, it was nice to get back into band after a year away. And although rehearsals took up time in my jampacked schedule, instead of piling on more stress, they were wonderful times to relax and let my mind wander with the music.

Not everything was the same old same old, though. Blogging has been a fresh addition to my weekly life, and I hope that my posts haven’t come out too badly. For what it’s worth, I know that I have enjoyed writing them. And on the topic of new things, I ought to mention that I learned how to do archery during the first half of the semester. That was a hoot! I would recommend this pasttime to anybody. Now, I won’t claim to be Robin Hood or anything, but I managed to hit the target, at least.

Most importantly, although at times this semester has been marred by stress, my friends have managed to make it an enjoyable experience overall. We have complained about scrambled eggs at breakfast, and discussed the merits of Shakespeare over dinner. We have exchanged papers for editing, but then gotten bored and gone out for tea. The best weekend of the semester was taking a road trip to Minneapolis to hear my friend Jeffrey perform his music. As things wind up, we are all looking forward to spending holidays at home, but it feels like an awfully long time until we’ll see each other again.

All told, this was a good semester. At times it felt insurmountable, but the very fact that I have overcome it gives me a fresh feeling of confidence. I have formed closer bonds with friends both old and new, and I have gotten to know my professors better. Perhaps I’m ready to be done for a little while and to have a relaxing break, but there’s already excitement building as I look to the semester ahead and begin turning over ideas for my Senior Paper.

Happy Holidays to all!

Martin Luther awaited my return
A get together of Nottingham friends
Stacking some rocks in the downtime
Marcella and Jamie hanging out
Jeffrey chokes on some coffee
Literally piecing together a seminar paper
The first real snow of the year

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