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Thanksgiving at Luther

As soon as class ended on Tuesday, November 22, it felt like the entire student body had deserted campus. Maybe because they did! Most of Luther's students are from the midwest, so driving home to visit family for Thanksgiving is relatively easy. I, however, live over 1000 miles away, and as we all know, plane tickets aren't getting any cheaper. Besides, I had to stay for basketball anyways. With everyone at home for Thanksgiving, the campus felt like a ghost town. However, between sports and music, I still had plenty to do to keep me occupied.

With the Caf closed, I was on my own for food at times. Thankfully, a generous Luther alumnus hosted the basketball team for a Thanksgiving meal at the Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. in downtown Decorah. Shortly after that, some first-year guys and I had a second dinner at a rented out apartment with one of the teammate's family. In hindsight, eating two Thanksgiving meals in quick succession like that wasn't a good idea, since we had practice two hours. Nevertheless, it was an excellent opportunity to hang out with the team.

If there was anything to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, it was my discovery of practice rooms in Dieseth Hall, one of the tower residence halls on campus. This finding ended up working perfectly because I could go straight from basketball practice to piano practice since I walk through Dieseth to get to my dorm, Ylvisaker. Not only was this efficient, it was also convenient. With this discovery, I didn't have to brave the cold and trek across campus to the music hall anymore. Although it doesn't sound like much, this was a magnificent find for me. It truly is the little things in life that make a difference!

Between good friends and food, Thanksgiving break at Luther this year was an enjoyable experience. Although it was the first Thanksgiving away from family, I didn't feel alone at all. People here tell you this all the time, but Luther is a home away from home, and I wholeheartedly agree. I look forward to many more Thanksgivings here at Luther!

Jack Desmul

Jack Desmul

Jack is a first-year at Luther studying management. He hails from Kalispell, Montana, where his family runs an apple orchard and cidery. When he isn't studying for his management classes, he can be found playing basketball in Regents, or playing piano in Jensen. He also sings in Norsemen!

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A shot of the two Regents Towers, with Dieseth in the background.
Luther's main gym is where I spent my time when I wasn't practicing for music.

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