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Visiting Luther

For many of you, the time has come to think about the next step in your academic life: college. But, before deciding from the plethora of potential schools on your list, it only makes sense to visit them before making an executive decision. I am no stranger to this process. Last year, I was a senior in high school, going through the all too familiar stress that comes with choosing a college. And who could blame me? Many factors affect this significant decision, such as the campus, size, location, food, athletics, and of course, the education. I will speak on my Luther visit experience, in hopes of aiding high school students and parents alike in this stressful process.

I visited Luther in March of 2017. At this point in my college search, I was somewhat of a connoisseur of college tours. Yet, no visit I had taken in the past compared to Luther, due in large part to the admissions staff. In the planning stage, the staff was accommodating and thoughtful towards my needs and restrictions. Furthermore, they were able to answer any question that arose quickly and helpfully.

Another part of the visiting process that stood out to me was the staff's flexibility and convenience, and moreover, I discovered the great lengths that Luther takes to guarantee a successful visit. For example, when I was in the beginning stages of planning my stay in early spring of this year, I realized that the Music auditions for scholarships had already taken place in November. I had missed out, or so I thought. The Luther admission team in coordination with the music department accommodated me and scheduled both a voice and a piano audition.

When I arrived on campus and started the tour process, I soon realized the expertise of the phenomenal tour personnel. The student tour guides were entertaining, knowledgeable and delivered a fabulous experience, which I cannot say for the several other college visits I participated in, which in full honesty felt mundane and dragged on.

More on my visit day, it was very time efficient and seemed to flow from event to event, from a meeting with my business professor to auditioning with the music faculty to meeting with the basketball coaches, not a minute was wasted.

In the end, I am thankful for Luther's excellent visitation service, not only for making the trip out here from Montana worth it, but also for revealing to me that Luther was the right choice for me. I strongly recommend scheduling a visit for any student or parent thinking about attending Luther. Trust me; you won't regret it!

Jack Desmul

Jack Desmul

Jack is a first-year at Luther studying management. He hails from Kalispell, Montana, where his family runs an apple orchard and cidery. When he isn't studying for his management classes, he can be found playing basketball in Regents, or playing piano in Jensen. He also sings in Norsemen!

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An aerial shot of Luther's expansive campus.
Jenson-Noble Hall of Music is where most music happens on campus. This is also where I auditioned.
The Luther College Bell is an iconic monument on campus, and a must see if you come for a visit.

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