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Last Friday, a couple friends and I went to Walmart in hopes of finding a cute costume. We looked all around and finally found something we liked. We decided we were all going to be cats. The night quickly came and my friends and I started getting ready. I think the best part about going out is the process of getting ready. It’s just you and your friends, listening to music, enjoying each other’s company while you’re putting on eyeliner. We eventually finished and prepared to take on the night! We went to a friend’s house and were welcomed by many cool costumes. I met so many new people and ate PLENTY of candy. My Halloweekend was off to a great start!

On Saturday, my friend and I decided to go as characters from the show Parks and Recreation. In the past, we have always been told that we remind people of Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio. We decided to go with what everyone was already thinking and dress up as these beloved characters. It took some people a while to understand what we were but others knew from the moment they saw us. It is so fun to have your costume recognized by other people, especially when your costume is so fitting!

Monday arrived and the cat costumes were back! My friends and I jammed out to Halloween music and put on our whiskers. We laughed about what had happened this past weekends and reminisced on the good memories we had created. Although Halloween took up the entire weekend, it all felt like a day to me. The good times were just too fun and awfully quick. Overall, I am happy that Halloween lasted a couple days. It allowed me to show off some cool costumes while creating memories that will last forever.

Tamar Tedla

Tamar Tedla

Tamar is a sophomore from Saint Paul, Minnesota studying Social Work and Sociology. She is incredibly involved on campus, paricipating in SAC Concerts, SAC Cinema, SAC Events, Black Student Union, PRIDE, Choir, Vocal Jazz, Beautiful Mess, Active Minds, and theatre. When she graduates, Tamar would like to work with people with disabilities, and hopefully own a cat.

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My friend and I last Friday at a Halloween party. I was a cat and he was Troy Bolton.

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