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Philosophy Society

I can sense it. I can feel the eyes darting back and forth in puzzlement. I can hear the hesitant exhale of an almost-asked question…

What does a philosophy major do?

Philosophy majors, we’re the taboo skeleton in the closet of any liberal arts institution, and there are whispers on campus:

Have you heard? They have a secret room full of occult books…

They’ve got a whole secret language. Just the other day, one of them said, “Valid a postiriori quantified modal intuitionistic proof of existentialist ontology…”

I’ve never seen one out in daylight, you don’t think they might all be…

“Vampires” the word is “vampires,” and we’re not. Every so often we find ourselves enthralled by a good book (no, they’re not occult, just Greek), and we forget to perform basic functions— such as eating food or going into the fresh air. The same is true of people in plenty of other majors, so I don’t know why we get such a bad rap.

There is something special that we get to do here at Luther College, though (that anyone who is interested in philosophy is welcome to), which is attend the weekly meetings of our very own Philosophy Society. That’s right! When philosophers have free time, they spend it doing more philosophy!

I have happily attended Society meetings since freshman year, and there really isn’t any better use for a Wednesday evening. At seven o’clock, we gather together in the basement of Ockham House (the Philosophy department building), each finding a chair in Simmonds Library. For indeed, the rumors are true. Our department does have its own private library! (As if Preus weren’t awesome enough already!)

Each week, there’s a new topic for discussion. This past Wednesday we talked about the importance of diversity in philosophy, and at the coming meeting, I, myself, shall be leading a discussion about the pesky Liar Paradox.  That’s the one that goes, “This statement is false,” and leads to all manner of logical shenanigans.

You’ll never meet a funnier, more cheerful bunch, so if you’re ever in the area on a Wednesday evening, feel free to drop by. We love nothing more than to hear new voices in our conversation, and we always look forward to the opportunity of divesting another person of all these philosopher stereotypes that just keep piling up.

Philosophy Society member Marcella Meza reading in Simmonds Library

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