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Level Up (Housing) Part 2

The last few weeks at Luther have been hard for me, mostly because I’ve already gotten so attached to this place. I know I’ll definitely miss the halls of Ylvi, my floormates whom I get cleaned up with every morning in the bathroom, and the RAs who have been so dear to me throughout this entire school year. On the bright side though, it’s time to level up to a better residence building. Ylvi isn’t all that bad for a first-year dorm (and a dorm, in general), but there are many other dorms on campus that are better off in a lot of aspects—most of which are reserved for the upperclassmen. One of the reasons I can’t wait to move to a new dorm is because I’ll be rooming with two of my close friends for my upcoming sophomore year. Now you may hear many people telling you that it isn’t a good idea to room with your closest friends, but all situations are different. Besides, my friends and I practically live together anyway—we often sleepover in each other’s dorms and sometimes help each other out when our dorms need to be cleaned. I also think it’s not going to be a problem living with your closest friends if there's more than one of them you’re living with. You won’t get tired of seeing any of their faces. Anyway, my friends and I wanted a suite in Miller initially, but that suite requires four applicants. So, we decided to go ahead with applying for a triple room in Larsen, one of the biggest rooms you can get on campus.

The housing application started off with each student getting a room draw number in his or her SPO. I’m not exactly sure how this works but I think it goes by our number of credits. The higher your number of credits, the lower your room draw number. The juniors typically get to choose rooms first because they have the highest number of credits, which is fair because they’ve been here the longest. Since my friends and I are getting a triple room, we had to average out our room draw numbers. It would've helped if any of us were an upperclassmen because then the overall average of our room draw would have been lower.

A few days ago, we went to the windows of the ResLife office to check and see if our application was accepted. Unfortunately, it was not; I guess our average wasn't low enough to compete with any of the upperclassmen averages. We were extremely upset, because if our application did not make it through, we would have to go for the doubles room draw. So, my friend and I decided to talk to the housing coordinator and see if she could help us out.

Guess what? She then asked us if we would like to settle for a suite in Towers! My friend and I were surprised and told her we would like the suite room. Another group who applied for a triple room in Larsen and did not get it as well were able to get a suite in Towers. I suppose not a lot of people applied for the suite rooms in Towers this upcoming semester. We decided to go with Miller as a preference, and then she added us in the list of groups who got into the suites.

The room draw event that day was exciting. Thankfully, my group got into the fourth ranking, so we still had a shot at choosing the suites we wanted. The person-in-charge got the group representatives lined up according to their rankings and called them out one-by-one, male and female. When it was my turn, my friends were persuading me to get a suite on the eighth floor, and if possible the suite that faces the Prairie. I got into Mott Borlaug, and then I was given a plan of different floors with the suites for females. Thankfully, there is still one suite left for the eighth floor. Sadly, it doesn’t face the Prairie but the campus, which was fine because both my friends wanted the eighth floor anyway. I listed our names in the suite we wanted and then I was good to go.

I guess my first room draw experience was pretty memorable. From a triple room to a suite room (the room we wanted initially), my friends and were happy with what we ended up with. I thought we were going to go through a whole lot of chaos in finding another roommate so that our group of three could split off into two double rooms, but it all worked out with the suite in Miller! I cannot wait to begin a new semester with a great new room and great roommates already!

Until then,


Faye Lee

Faye Lee

Faye Lee is a sophomore from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is majoring in Political Science and International Studies. Faye is involved in Gospel Choir for almost a year now and is also on the road to become a big sister in Beta Theta Omega, a women leadership group on campus that emphasizes the development of leadership qualities in women through social work and get-togethers. She loves the remote location of Luther and "dabbing" while working in the Caf salad line.

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