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Small Town Bound

One might wonder what a Luther student does for fun during the weekends and breaks when they’re free. Truth to be told, there isn’t much you can do when you’re studying in a residential campus that is located far away from big, busy cities. Eventually, you won’t look forward to the weekends anymore when your only options are either visiting downtown for a treat or taking a stroll around Dunnings Springs and Phelps Park. That is why the Student Activities Council (SAC) of Luther College makes an effort to organize events like concerts, cinemas, plays, homecoming balls etc. every now and then. These events are entertaining and fulfilling to keep the students busy in an enjoyable way throughout their four years here. Earlier this year, I got to attend the annual Homecoming Flamingo Ball at Marty’s and one of the movies hosted by SAC Cinema in the middle of Bentdahl Commons -- The Jungle Book.

Recently, I’ve attended my first play and concert here at Luther. The play was a mandatory event for every first-year to attend as it was one of the many things we would be studying for our Paideia course in Fall 2016. We were lucky to have L.A. Theatre Works (LATW) come to our college to perform Judgment at Nuremberg, an evergreen renown play by Abby Mann that reflects on the trials and issues about social justice that occurred during World War II. That evening in the Center for Faith and Life, the entire hall was filled with students and professors. The play kick started with the entire cast introducing themselves to the audience. Unlike usual plays, the team of LATW performed Judgment at Nuremberg differently whereby the casts are staged to act their part facing the audience instead of among themselves. The actors acted out their conversations and trials facing us, each of them with a microphone positioned in front of them. Although it seemed unusual initially, that theatrical style worked very well with the play, as it consists mainly of the trials held in the courtroom. The lines of each actors were accentuated well, and their roles were expressed precisely too.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to catch Parachute live at Regents Center! Most of the audience were standing at the pit area, including myself, hoping to catch the best view of the band members. The concert began with a 40-minute acoustic solo by Lissie, a budding talent who performed several of her originals that evening. The crowd immediately went into a frenzy of excitement when Will (the lead singer) and the rest of the band members took their places on stage. The band started off by playing Waking Up, followed by other songs like Meant To Be, Forever and Always, Kiss Me Slowly, and more. What hyped up the crowd was when the band played their own renditions of pieces by other musicians such as Let It Go by James Bay and a mashup of one of their songs with Closer by The Chainsmokers. I realized one of the advantages of attending concerts in a college as compared to indoor stadiums or giant auditoriums is that there aren’t any violent mosh pits among the students. Also, we get to enjoy the show as much as everyone else in the hall as there isn’t too many people in the standing area. Speaking of which, we got a chance to come in contact with Will when he descended from the stage and sang among us at every corner of the crowd! It was a great and different concert experience for me compared to the ones I’ve attended previously.


Until then,


Faye Lee

Faye Lee

Faye Lee is a sophomore from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is majoring in Political Science and International Studies. Faye is involved in Gospel Choir for almost a year now and is also on the road to become a big sister in Beta Theta Omega, a women leadership group on campus that emphasizes the development of leadership qualities in women through social work and get-togethers. She loves the remote location of Luther and "dabbing" while working in the Caf salad line.

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