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International Fashion Show 2016

International Education Week is an annual tradition organized by the International Students Association and Allies (ISAA). It serves to promote international awareness and understanding among the Luther Community. A lot of interesting events are about to take place during the week, and I'm excited to partake in whatever they have in store for everyone. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Earlier this semester, ISAA made plans to kick-start the International Education Week with an International Fashion Show! The International Fashion Show is simply a preview of what to expect for the International Education Week, and it is also another means of channeling more funds to support the week-long occasion. I was thrilled about the event as I got to participate in modelling for both the formal and national attire sections.

The week before the show was both exciting and exhausting. Members of the ISAA board and committee were busy making arrangements, designing costumes, putting together decorations for the venue etc.  Models from all over Luther College were sought as well, as everyone was more than welcome to play a part in the show. What's interesting about the show this year is that diversity is not only exhibited in the student models of different nations, but there is also diversity shown in the many contemporary styles worn by the modern of today (formal, casual, sports, and creative originals designed with recycled materials and fabric from other countries to advocate the sustainability that has always been part of our Luther pride). The agenda was brilliantly planned according to the theme of the show, "Free To Be Me".

It wasn't long before the week came to an end. That evening, all the seats at both sides of the runway in the Center for the Arts Atrium were fully occupied to the point some of the audience had to stand. Fortunately, we were lucky to have a supporting crowd with lively responses. Both the models and the audience were great sports. All in all, we managed to stir up an entertaining engagement with the crowd by posing comically just so we can hype up the evening. Apart from the fashion show, there were various of classical, contemporary, and traditional performances presented by our very own talents of Luther during intermissions. Ballroom dancing, violin playing, accompanied singing, and even ethnic beats! Finally, the event ended with a raffle draw followed by an open dance floor to celebrate the success of the occasion.

Altogether, this experience has been unforgettable. I would definitely want to get involved in another event that is just as memorable. A huge shout-out to ISAA for bringing out the vibrancy in being free to be ourselves in the Luther community!

Until then,


Faye Lee

Faye Lee

Faye Lee is a sophomore from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is majoring in Political Science and International Studies. Faye is involved in Gospel Choir for almost a year now and is also on the road to become a big sister in Beta Theta Omega, a women leadership group on campus that emphasizes the development of leadership qualities in women through social work and get-togethers. She loves the remote location of Luther and "dabbing" while working in the Caf salad line.

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International Fashion Show 2016
The end of speeches.
Formal in black.
Casually walking down the aisle...
Chic and sporty.
The colors of Malaysia. I'm modelling a Baju Kebaya (left) while Melissa's modelling a Baju Kurung (right).
Powerpuff girls much? Here are the national costumes of East Timor (far left) and Somaliland (far right).
Virtuoso at her best.
Unity in Diversity.

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