Today marks the first snow fall of the winter of 2013, interestingly enough it hasn’t even been six months since it last snowed in Decorah, which was May 15th. I feel like every year I write about how much I don’t like snow, but I’m going to do it again… I really do not like snow. Don’t get me wrong, I think that looking out the window at a freshly snowed on field is really enjoyable but when I look out the window again in a couple of days I cannot stand it. The unfortunate thing about snow is that it stays around and gets gross looking. Almost anywhere you are after a few days the snow losses it shimmering whiteness and it starts to get grey and kind of icy. If it were possible for snow to stay in prime condition and never get ugly I would not mind it nearly as much, although, another one of my dislikes for snow is how inconvenient it is. In defense of snow I will say that most of its inconvenience is due to the amount of walking I do on Luther’s campus. The inconvenience of snow comes from how often I walk on the grass here. When it had snowed I am restricted to the sidewalks, unless I want to put on boots, and that is too much work. Anyway, because I am restricted to the sidewalks I can no longer walk across Library Lawn, which really puts a damper on my day. But in the grand scheme of life snow really is not that big of an issue, even though I do not like it, other more saddening are happen at deserve my attention more. So I am now declaring my pre-New Year’s resolution, I will decrease the amount of times I complain about snow. I would completely eliminate it but I dislike it so much I think that is an impossible task. Happy Snow!

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