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Spring Break 2013: My exciting plans

Spring Break 2013: My exciting plans

March 21, 2013
By Mario

With spring break right around the corner lots of people are getting excited for the vacations that they have been planning. A number of sports teams plan spring training trips to Florida and Arizona, while a large number of students head south to catch the warm weather and beaches.  Pretty much everyone that I know is going somewhere for spring break this year. You would think since this year is practically my last opportunity to take a given week long vacation that I would go on one, right? Nope…I am heading home to the twin cities for the week and even though I am not going somewhere warm for spring break, I am still pretty excited.

I have mentioned this earlier, but a few short weeks after graduation I am moving to Pennsylvania to begin full-time work after Luther. This means that during the short time between graduation and moving, I have to figure out where I am living, gather any furniture, cooking supplies, dishes, etc, and actually move. The reason I am excited for spring break is because I am checking a HUGE thing off my list to get ready for Pennsylvania and that is buying my own car! I was talking about getting it after graduation for the entire year, but after test-driving cars during J-term I got really excited. I talked to my dad, applied for a loan, and now the only thing left to do is go find a car that fits perfectly for me. So that is what I will be spending my spring break doing, finding the right car for me.  In high school I used the “family” car so I never really felt like it was just mine. However, this car will be entirely mine and I am pretty excited to see what kinds of adventures/road trips I take it on in the future.

I feel like this is the first of many steps of finally becoming a “real adult” because before I know it I will be paying rent, utilities, bills, health insurance, car insurance, etc. I figure maybe easing into car payments and car insurance would probably be a good thing to do since they are pretty expensive. I am very excited to go and look at cars and hopefully find one that I like and has a good color.

I know my spring break plans don’t seem too exciting to the average college student, but everything is starting to come together for after graduation for me. I started talking to the relocation coordinator of the company I am working for and details are starting to form as to when I will be starting work and moving out to Pennsylvania.

I hope my transition goes smoothly and I am sure it will, but for now I am just excited to finally have my own car.

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