In today's world, it's more important than ever to care for the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. That's why careers in the field of social sciences are in such high demand.

Luther's anthropology, social work, sociology, and psychology majors can help prepare you for meaningful work that will make a positive impact on our interconnected global society.

“The psychology faculty are incredibly knowledgeable as well as approachable. They have taken extra time to get to know me, advise me in my classes and career options, and connect me with invaluable opportunities.”

Jill Hazlett ’18

“Luther’s small class sizes have allowed me to get to know my students as humans. It’s inspiring for me as a teacher to know that I contributed to their growth, even in small ways.”

Anita Carrasco, Associate Professor of Anthropology


At Luther, you can grow academically and professionally through:

Hands-on learning through internships

Engaging, knowledgeable faculty

Study abroad opportunities

Student organizations and activities

Rigorous courses and experiences that prepare you for graduate school or varied work environments

Undergraduate research

Excellent classroom and laboratory spaces

A connected alumni network

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