Iowa and Its Climate

A view of Luther in the winter

Iowa is located in the American Midwest, a region of the country that features four seasonal changes. Climatic conditions vary widely from season to season.

Iowans appreciate four distinct seasons—lush, green springs; warm, breezy summers; crisp, colorful autumns; and bright, snowy winters. 

Monthly Temperature Averages

Month High Low Mean
Jan -3°C -13°C -8°C
Feb 1°C -11°C -5°C
Mar 8°C -4°C 2°C
Apr 16°C 2°C 9°C
May 22°C 8°C 16°C
Jun 27°C 14°C 21°C
Jul 29°C 16°C 23°C
Aug 28°C 16°C 22°C
Sep 24°C 10°C 17°C
Oct 17°C 4°C 11°C
Nov 8°C -3°C 3°C
Dec -1°C -11°C -6°C

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