A Luther Education

A Luther education culminates with the awarding of bachelor of arts (B.A.) degrees to students who have fulfilled the requirements of the college. A bachelor of arts program allows students to gain a depth of knowledge in a chosen major (for example, business management, computer science, nursing, accounting, music, physics) while also acquiring a breadth of knowledge across a wide range of disciplines.

A Luther education prepares students to make contributions to their professions, graduate or professional school programs, and communities.

Luther's academic year consists of two semesters. Fall Semester begins in early September and runs until the middle of December. A three-week interim called January Term follows the first semester. January Term provides opportunities for concentrated study, independent research, off-campus internships, study in another country, and travel. A second semester—Spring Semester—extends from early February to the end of May.

Courses at Luther carry four hours of credit; a normal course load consists of four courses per semester. An advisor assists students in the selection of appropriate courses to meet graduation requirements and to prepare students for specific interests and professional plans.

To qualify for the bachelor of arts degree, students must satisfactorily complete 128 semester hours of credit with a grade average of no less than a C (2.0 grade points on a 4.0 scale). Of the 128 necessary semester hours, at least 80 must be earned outside the major discipline.

A portion of these 80 credits are distributed among courses in the fine arts, foreign language, natural sciences, social sciences, religion and philosophy, health and physical education, and interdisciplinary studies.