Information for Mid-Year Transfer Students

The following financial aid information is designed to assist students who plan to transfer to Luther College for either the January Term or Spring Semester:

  • To be considered for need-based financial aid and federal student loans, students must file the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). More information on filing can be found in the "How to Apply for Aid" section of this website.
  • For those students who have completed a FAFSA and are considering transferring to Luther College, they need to add our school code (001874) to their FAFSA. This can be done by making a correction to the student's FAFSA at This can also be accomplished by contacting the Luther College Financial Aid Office by phone at 563-387-1018 and providing the Data Release Number (DRN) that appears on the applicant's Student Aid Report (SAR).
  • The amount of a student's Stafford Loan eligibility at Luther College will depend on the amount of loan the student utilized in the fall semester and the number of credits being transferred into the college.
  • It is important to notify the current school's financial aid office of the pending transfer so that they can remove any financial aid scheduled for subsequent terms. Students cannot receive financial aid for attendance in two schools during the same period of enrollment.