Paideia Supplemental Grants


  1. Applicants must be a current or prospective faculty participant in the Paideia Program (either Paideia I or Paideia 450).
  2. The proposal must explain how the sabbatical leave—either in whole, or that part of the leave for which funding is requested—will enrich the Paideia Program.
  3. Successful applicants must submit an article for Agora that explains to a general faculty audience the value for the Paideia Program of the faculty member's grant-related research.
  4. The Paideia application should be submitted to the Office of the Provost along with the complete sabbatical leave proposal.
  5. The Paideia Grant proposal of successful sabbatical applicants will be evaluated by the Paideia Governing Board. The Academic Dean will consider the Board's recommendations as he or she decides on awards. Award announcements are made by the Academic Dean.


To be submitted to the Office of the Provost along with the complete sabbatical leave proposal.

I. Proposal

(Explain the ways in which the proposed sabbatical leave, in whole or in part, will enrich the Paideia Program.)

II. Timetable of Participation

(Specify your past and future participation in the Paideia Program.)

III. Sabbatical Summary

(In 250 words, summarize the sabbatical proposal you submitted to the Office of the Provost)

IV. Budget

(Include all expenses related to research activities connected with the Paideia enrichment proposal. Allowable expenses may include travel, housing, meals, and research fees of the kind allowed for other Luther College faculty development projects. Nondisposable supplies are the property of Luther College. Allowable expenses of successful applicants will be reimbursed by the college after appropriate receipts and documentation are received. Applicants for a full-year leave may request up to $3500 as supplemental salary in addition to reimbursable expenses. The maximum total grant is $3500 for a one-semester leave and $6000 for a year-long leave. The Paideia Endowment Governing Board will recommend to the Dean of the College the specific amount of a grant award, which may be less than requested and/or less than the maximum allowable.)