Luther College Preus Library receives National History Day award

Luther College's Preus Library received the Outstanding Library and Archives Award as part of the 2017 National History Day state contest, sponsored by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. The award, also known as the "Kids Count" award, honors Preus Library with contributing the most to the work of young historians in the National History Day contest.

Preus Library was nominated by several students at St. Benedict School and Decorah Middle School to receive the "Kids Count" award.

"The Luther Preus Library deserves to be recognized because they have helped our school get the resources we need for our research. They have had many professors come and talk to us about our topics and research. When we were there, they showed us how to find the books and other resources we needed and were there to help us along the way" wrote one student in their nomination.

Luther partnered with local middle schools to offer the students involved in National History Day access to quality resources. The ability to use an academic library, and have access to academic librarians, professors and undergraduate students were key factors in student success. "The Luther College Library Staff do excellent work in reaching out to young learners to help them select the best resources for their projects" said Jacqueline Wilkie, professor of history.

The college sponsored library days last fall so the students could do their research in an academic setting. Luther has offered these resources to local middle schoolers for more than a decade. "The Luther College history department is excited by the opportunity to participate in a program that encourages excellence in history education at the middle school and high school level in the state of Iowa" said Wilkie.

This year, Luther offered scholarships to the top 10 individual Senior Division finalists in the state of Iowa.

National History Day is a nonprofit educational organization that promotes teaching and learning about history in middle and high school. The National History Day contest encourages more than half a million middle and high school students to conduct original research on historical topics of interest.

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Students from St. Benedict School with Luther students Ian Adams and Miles Wilkie and Jacqueline Wilkie, professor of history.