Internships allow you to engage in real-world learning and prepare for life after college. Through an internship, you can apply classroom knowledge in a professional environment, test career goals, gain practical work experience, and develop industry contacts.

Finding an Internship

While you’re free to find an internship on your own, Luther provides lots of support for students who want to intern. We host a number of career fairs where you can network with companies offering internships, and each year Luther alumni recruit current Luther students for internships at their organizations, particularly during J-term.

You can often earn academic credit for participating in an internship, and several Luther and Luther-affiliated study-away programs, such as the Washington Semester and the ACM Chicago program, offer internships as part of the experience.

Internship Stories

Read about Luther students' internship experiences. Visit the Career Center site for more internship stories.

Visit the Career Center

Student meeting with Career Counselor.

Luther’s Career Center is a great place to start an internship search.

Anna Phearman

Anna Phearman at PACER Center for her Internship.When: Summer 2016
PACER Center, Bloomington, Minnesota

Political Science and Communications

Anna worked this summer at the PACER Center, a group who advocates for children with disabilities. She wrote articles that will be featured in PACER's bullying prevention materials, completed policy research on harassment laws nationwide, helped design bullying prevention videos, and learned how to redesign blogs. Anna saw the impact of her work through the PACER around the nation, especially with people with disabilities. She realized her passion for advocacy and how fulfilling nonprofit work can be. Anna is excited to say it opened her eyes to the vast world of the nonprofit industry and how valuable they can be for the world.

Jordan Boge

Jordan BogeWhen: Summer 2016
Where: Connection Events, Montréal, Canada
Major: Communication Studies and French

Over the summer, Jordan had the opportunity to intern at Connection Events in Montréal, Canada that organizes international business conferences related to visual effects, animation, and gaming. He was able to talk with and get advice from some of the top animation and visual effects artists in the world. Jordan’s language proficiency grew, as his entire internship was in French. Language barrier aside, he loved the city of Montréal and made valuable connections he will use after Luther. Jordan’s dream has always been to work in the animation industry, and after this internship, he is even more motivated to achieve his goal of working at Pixar!

Megan McCready

Megan McCready

When: Summer 2016
Where: RSM US LLP, Minneapolis, MN
Major: Accounting and Economics

Megan was an audit intern on the commercial team for RSM US LLP. Each week she was assigned to a different client to perform an audit procedure on employee benefit plans. She acquired communication skills through her interaction with both client contacts and teams on each of her engagements. She learned how important time management was when juggling multiple clients at the same time. Megan enjoyed using the skills she learned from her classes and feels that Luther sets its students up for success. The accounting field is demanding and ever-changing, and she is fascinated by the fast-paced environment. Through her experience with RSM, she gained a deeper understanding of herself and the career she is looking for.

Kyla Grau

Kyla Grau poses at the Eiffel TowerWhen: January 2016
Where: Le Grand Théâtre de Tours, Tours, France
Majors: Music and French

Kyla spent the month of January at Le Grand Théâtre de Tours, an opera house in France: the perfect setting for a music and French major. During this time, she was able to work with stage managers, technicians, and performers. Since she collaborated with so many people, Kyla found that communication skills were very important. She was surprised by how comfortable she became with French after hearing and speaking it all day. By the end of the internship, she felt confident in the language and was able to take the initiative necessary to be a successful employee. The most rewarding part of working at an opera house was opening night, when Kyla was given the best seat in the house and finally got to see her hard work and passions for French and music come to life.

Tricia Serres

Tricia SerresWhen: January 2016
Where: Debbie School, Mailman Center for Child Development, Department of Pediatrics, University of Miami, FL
Major: Biology

Tricia headed south for January term and volunteered at the Debbie School, an inclusive elementary school under the pediatric department at the University of Miami. Students at the Debbie school consist of those with physical and mental disabilities, who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as children without disabilities. A number of therapists work in this school, including physical therapists. Tricia observed the therapy methods and realized how different they were from outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. She saw how individualized the plans were for each student. Many of the students had some form of autism, Down’s syndrome, or cerebral palsy, yet each required an individualized treatment plan. She found the internship informative, and it showed her a different side to physical therapy.