• Jodi Meyer-Mork, Associate Professor of Education

    "Self-study not only improves my own teaching, but it acts as a model for me to share with future educators."

Jodi Meyer-Mork

What She Appreciates About the Liberal Arts

Meyer-Mork’s first higher education teaching position was at a liberal arts college. “I enjoyed the collegiality at that institution,” she says. “But after leaving that position and teaching at state universities, I found I had a greater appreciation for the liberal arts. I like my position at Luther because it’s easy to build relationships with students since most of them are in multiple classes I teach.”

Work Experiences and Knowledge Add Value for Students

Meyer-Mork taught at three institutions prior to arriving at Luther.

“In my first position, I taught in K-6 classrooms in a professional development school where teacher candidates learned alongside area educators, elementary students, and professors for an entire semester,” she says. “This strengthened my ability to make assignments more relevant for pre-service teachers even when coursework wasn’t integrated in actual elementary classrooms.”

Her next two teaching positions were at state universities. “A major part of my teaching at these institutions involved literacy and early childhood education,” she says. “My students and I worked closely with the teachers in child development laboratories and area schools.”

She believes these experiences reinforced the importance of learning since pre-service teachers need to interact with teachers in the field and with actual students throughout their preparation in order to grow. In her classes at Luther, she tries to integrate similar experiences in courses that do not have an accompanying practicum.

Research Benefits Herself and Future Educators

Meyer-Mork’s main area of research is self-study of teacher education practices. “This engenders reflection on my teaching, which is extremely important to me and my students,” she says. “Self-study not only improves my own teaching, but it acts as a model for me to share with future educators.”

In addition self-study of teacher education practices, Meyer-Mork and a colleague recently completed research on the use of technology in teaching. The article, “iPad and Text Master: Ideas to Increase Technology in Teacher Education Programs” was published in The International Journal of Adult, Community, and Professional Learning.

Other Roles at Luther

Within the education department, Meyer-Mork serves as the faculty advisor to the Luther Student Education Association and various ad hoc committees. In the broader Luther community, she has been a member of the Human Subjects Review Board and currently serves on the Luther Assessment Committee.

Meyer-Mork is a member of following professional organizations:

  • American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
  • American Education and Research Association
  • Council for Exceptional Children, International Literacy Association
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children

I work with passionate, talented, and hardworking young people. Seeing them further develop their personal and professional identities is especially rewarding.

—Jodi Meyer-Mork