Work Study

The work of this group acknowledges the distinctive work study program in place at Luther, in which work study experiences are available to all students. The goal of the group is to strengthen the existing program by providing students with opportunities to reflect on the skills they are developing through work study; the connections between academic, co-curricular, and work study experiences; and the contributions that are made by students to the Luther community through work. The culmination of this goal is for students to be more intentional about utilizing work study in order to prepare for life beyond Luther.

The 2017-18 initiatives of the work study group are:

  • To create a foundational reflection exercise that students will complete before beginning a work study position after the first year.
  • To create a self-assessment form that all work study students will complete once per semester in order to reflect on job performance, contributions to the Luther community, and skill development. Self-assessment responses will be shared with supervisors to facilitate meaningful conversations.
  • To create a universal work study job description template that includes information about the skills that are utilized in each position offered at Luther.

Committee Members: Andrew Bailey, Destiny Crider, Jeff Dintaman, Missy Flack, Corey Landstrom