J-term Reflection Lab: Self in Context

While sophomores are the primary audience for Next Steps initiatives, this group recognizes the need to cultivate a broader culture of reflection that begins in the first year and bridges to the sophomore year. To this end, the group is piloting a reflection lab experience called "Self in Context" with four 185 classes of first year students in J-term 2018.

Students participating in the lab pilot will:

  • Reflect on the first semester college experience in support of academic and personal growth so that students may make connections across the liberal arts.
  • Use essential learning outcomes identified by the Luther All College Learning Goals to articulate the value of a liberal arts perspective.
  • Increase their self-authorship and self-efficacy through activities that encourage reflection on strengths, identity, values, and future goals.
  • Build and practice the skill of networking through informational interviewing.
  • Use information from various sources, including alumni interviews, to grow in their sense of self, vocation, and choices.

Committee Members: Rachel Brummel, Destiny Crider, Anne Edison-Albright, Emily Neal, Brenda Ranum