This working group is examining and piloting e-portfolio platforms to create a digital space for fostering reflection and collecting the signature work of students. Based on a recommendation from a CIC-NetVUE grant "learning community," this group's work began in August 2017 with the plan to pilot Digication as a potential e-portfolio platform.

The goals for the fall 2017 pilot were to:

  • Make a decision on whether Luther should continue to use Digication into spring 2018 as its e-portfolio platform.
  • Determine if there is evidence that the use of an e-portfolio enhances student learning and reflection and creates observable positive outcomes.
  • Learn how to best use an e-portfolio tool at Luther College. Initial questions included:
    • When are the best times to introduce students to an e-portfolio, and how should it be introduced?
    • What are the best methods to use to implement an e-portfolio platform?
    • Which venues (e.g. courses, work study, in the major, advising, etc.) provide the best opportunities for reflection?

After receiving feedback from piloting faculty and staff, the group plans to move forward with the pilot using Google Sites as the e-portfolio platform. The group will use spring 2018 to work with ITS to learn more about Google Sites and try to better understand the ways it can be used for e-portfolios at Luther.

Committee Members: Jon Christy, Erin Flater, Carol Johnston, Kristin Swanson, Sarah Wilder, Molly Wilker, Jeff Wilkerson