Next Steps for Sophomores

A professor engages with students.

Next Steps for Sophomores: A Year of Reflection and Planning

The Next Steps for Sophomores is a series of events designed to help sophomores make the most of their Luther experience as preparation for a successful, fulfilling, well-lived life.


  • Look backward to reflect on how they have grown through the first year of college
  • Look inward to refine their understanding of their strengths, values and goals
  • Look forward to plan a Luther experience that will best merge their strengths, values and goals


The Next Steps for Sophomores began with events during the 2016-17 academic year. 

Key Priorities and Initiatives for academic year 2017-2018 include:

●     Piloting an ePortfolio tool that acts as a repository for student reflection and signature work. In particular, we will test a set of reflective questions for advisees and advisors that seek to deepen and add value to advising meetings.

●     Piloting a Jterm 185 reflection “lab” experience in 4-5 185 classes. In this model, a subset of classes would meet collectively once weekly during Jterm with the goal of reflecting and connecting on an issue related to vocation and the liberal arts.

●     Exploring and planning for a fall of 2018 Sophomore Orientation that meets a broad audience of sophomores.

●     Developing tools to guide work study students in reflection about how student work experiences connect to the academic program and to evolving plans for a future career.

●     Developing ideas for enhancing the integration of sophomore reflection in the major and other areas of the curriculum.