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The “Paideia Text and Issues Lecture Series,” sponsored by the Paidiea Endowment since 1983, encourages intellectual discussion across disciplinary lines. The Paideia Governing Board selects four to five presentation proposals each year from faculty across the campus to present to the college community on issues or texts that are central to the liberal arts.

2014-15 Paideia Texts and Issues Lecture Series

The Paideia Endowment Governing Board invites members of the Luther College community to propose presentations on the theme: "Secrecy and Transparency: Peeking Behind the Curtain."

As always, we hope participants will address the theme from a wide variety of perspectives drawn from the arts, sciences, and humanities.  Proposals for lectures, debates, artistic performances, panel discussions, faculty/student collaboration and other presentation formats are welcomed.  Participants will typically offer a 40-45 minute presentation followed by questions and responses from the audience.  Participants will receive a small honorarium after submitting a manuscript of their presentation for possible publication in Agora.

Those interested in participating in the lecture series should submit a tentative title and a brief (250-500 word) proposal by Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

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