Call for Abstracts

We invite you to submit abstracts for a presentation at the fifth Luther College Faculty Research Symposium, to be held on campus Saturday, April 7, 2018.  (We have scheduled the FRS for the spring this year so as not to conflict with this fall's Reformation Symposium.)  “Research” should be understood to include creative work and community/social work, and “faculty” might also include Luther staff/community members who are doing research or outreach work that supports Luther’s academic climate.

Our goal is to present an interdisciplinary cross-section of creative and scholarly endeavors here at Luther to all members of the Luther and Decorah communities, particularly students; each panel will include colleagues from multiple disciplines.  Therefore, your presentation should be pitched at an intelligent nonspecialist audience.  We encourage you to consider this less a “conference paper” for other specialists in your field than an opportunity to introduce students and colleagues at Luther (as well as non-Luther community members to your work and its connections with other fields.  You might choose to present finished products or end results of your work; you might also choose to show the process of researching or developing work, which could be particularly useful for aspiring students in those fields.  You might also choose to gather a group of colleagues for a special panel presentation on a topic of interest to you all; please indicate in your proposal if this is the case.  Each individual presentation on a panel will be approximately 15-20 minutes long, with time for Q&A following.

Please submit your presentation title and abstract, along with your name, departmental affiliation, and email address, to [email protected] by Friday, March 2.

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation!


Amy Weldon and Todd Pedlar