Scholars Colloquium

Intersections 130: Scholars Colloquium

This is a one-credit, first-year course (typical Luther courses are 4 credits) that provides small-group discussions of readings, local or national current events, or the amazing cultural and intellectual events available on campus. Sections are offered in both fall and spring semesters, and students may enroll in both semesters for credit.

Some sections of the colloquium focus on a particular theme for the semester; others range more broadly to include attendance at such events as lectures (by Luther faculty members and visiting scholars and dignitaries), concerts (ranging from classical to jazz to contemporary), theatre and dance performances, poetry readings, and art shows. Your class will meet once a week, and you may be asked to write reflections and reactions to readings or events. 

Whatever the focus, Scholars Colloquium is an opportunity to connect with your intellectual peers at the beginning of your Luther education. The various sections of Scholars Colloquium will be taught by faculty members from across the curriculum.