McElroy Fellowship

The McElroy Fellowship is intended for graduating seniors or recent graduates who intend to pursue Ph.D. study. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to candidates with outstanding graduate school potential, specifically to encourage interest in the pursuit of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D). Please note that the fellowship is not available to students who plan to pursue a professional doctorate such as M.D., J.D. Ed.D. and Pharm.D.

Applicants must be enrolled in or graduated from one of the disciplines in the Liberal Arts curriculum. This may include but is not limited to: area studies, biological sciences, communications, fine and applied arts, foreign languages, letters, mathematics, physical sciences, psychology, social sciences, interdisciplinary studies, arts and science or general programs. In evaluating candidates, consideration also is given to a candidate's character, leadership, and general interests as expressed by extra-curricular activities that give evidence of initiative, commitment and discipline.

The McElroy Fellowship provides a $12,000 stipend for the first year of graduate study, which may be renewed for two additional years (total of $36,000).

Luther's nomination is required; see application instructions for more information. If interested, contact Elizabeth Steding, [email protected].

The application deadline is typically around January 31.

Recent Luther College McElroy Fellowship winners:

2014: Katrina Okerstrom (Psychology, Biology)

2012: Dallas Wulf (Physics, Mathematics)

2010: Aaron Shatzer (Mathematics; Computer Science, Africana Studies minors)

2009: Annie Herrig (Biology; Spanish minor)

2006: Timo Mechler (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics)

2003: Janelle Kime (Biology, Chemistry)

2002: Kate Cooper (Biology, Spanish)

2001: Susan Buckheister (Biology, Chemistry)