We, the members of the student body of Luther College, believe that one of the basic functions of an institution dedicated to the Christian faith and engaged in higher education is the development of academic integrity and responsibility.

We therefore hereby resolve to uphold individually and collectively the honor of the college by doing all that is within our power to prevent any form of dishonesty in our academic work and our college life.

We manifest our conviction in this Honor Code for all students at Luther College. The Honor Code does not assure honest behavior; rather, it provides for the sharing of responsibility for enforcing honorable conduct between the instructor and the student; the student remains responsible for ensuring the integrity of his or her own behavior and for reporting to the instructor or other appropriate authorities any violation of the Honor Code of which he or she may be aware. 

We also recognize that the honor of the individual person should be the concern of any Christian community and that the Honor Code is an attempt to put into practice those values or principles of conduct which are consistent with such a community. As we are part of this community by our own free will, we feel that it is our duty to hold ourselves to this high standard of integrity and responsibility.