6. Sanctions


6.1 If a respondent has been found guilty of an Honor Code violation, the HCRB can impose one or more of the following sanctions:

     6.1.1 Warning.

     6.1.2 Recommendation that student be allowed to do the work again.

     6.1.3 Recommendation for no credit for the work in question.

     6.1.4 Recommendation to lower the grade in the course.

     6.1.5 Recommendation of suspension or dismissal.

     6.1.6 Barring student from participation in any campus-wide elections for a time.

     6.1.7 Removing student from any campus-wide elected office for a time.

     6.1.8 Requiring student to write a reflection on Academic Honesty, which will be reviewed by the Dean of the College or any other person the Dean determines. The essay should be of appropriate length and is due ten days after the deadline for an appeal has expired or ten days after an appeal has been denied, whichever comes later. After the essay has been accepted, the student shall meet with the Dean or any other person the Dean determines in order to discuss the essay. If the essay is not submitted within the required time frame, the HCRB can recommend further sanctions.

     6.1.9 Requiring student to take part in a workshop on Academic Honesty, conducted by the Honor Council. If the student misses two opportunities to successfully complete the workshop, the HCRB can recommend further sanctions.

6.2 Sanctions can be imposed even if the Respondent at the time of the decision is no longer a student at Luther.