5. Procedures of the Educational Committee


5.1 The Honor Council Educational Committee is to help educate students about academic integrity, the Honor Code and the proper way to report Honor Code violations.

5.2 The HCEC shall design and coordinate educational opportunities throughout the academic year.  Strategies may include but are not limited to working with academic advising sessions, Paideia I faculty, open forums, Orientation sessions and Residence Hall floor meetings. Additional suggestions would be posters, SPO letters, announcements, and news articles in Chips addressing the Honor Code procedures, etc.   

5.3 One year prior to the three year review of the Honor Code the HCEC will conduct an internal review of the HC. 

     5.3.1 The HCEC shall elect three from among its committee to serve on the internal review.  It will consist of one member from the Senior class, one member from the Junior class and one member from the Sophomore class. These three students shall lead the review and present the findings to the HC, the Student Senate and the Campus Life Committee by the end of the academic year.

5.4  Every three years the HCEC will work to inform and educate the Student Body prior to reaffirming or rejecting the Honor Code in a referendum held during regular student government elections. (see section 8.2)