3. Responsibilities

3.1 The responsibilities of the Honor Council are:

     3.1.1 To promote the Honor Code across campus.

     3.1.2 To create and conduct educational programming designed to promote academic integrity.

     3.1.3 To advise and consult with faculty members and administrative officers on matters pertaining to academic integrity.

     3.1.4 To elect from its members students to serve on the HCRB.

     3.1.5 To issue an annual report to the Student Senate, the Campus Life Committee, and the Dean of the College on academic integrity standards, policies, and procedures, including recommendations for appropriate changes.

     3.1.6 To review the Honor Code for the Student Senate.

     3.1.7 To create necessary bylaws for the Honor Council.

     3.1.8 To assist in the design and teaching of the workshop on academic integrity and moral development (as described in Section 5).

3.2 The responsibilities of the Honor Council Chair are:

     3.2.1 To organize and lead meetings of the Honor Council, the HCRB and the HCEC.

     3.2.2 To appoint two recorders for each Honor Code Review.

     3.2.3 To communicate with all parties during a HCRB investigation.

     3.2.4 To oversee work of the HCEC.

     3.2.5 To report to Student Senate about the work of the Honor Council, possible vacancies, and the review process on a regular basis.

3.3 The responsibilities of the Honor Code Review Board are:

     3.3.1 To investigate alleged Honor Code violations.

     3.3.2 To issue sanctions for Honor Code violations.

     3.3.3 To provide written statements for the Campus Appeals Board during the appeals process.

3.4 The responsibilities of the Honor Council Vice Chair are:

     3.4.1 To keep the minutes of the Honor Council meetings.

     3.4.2 To maintain the website of the Honor Council.

     3.4.3 To supervise and assist the HCEC where and when needed.

  • [Changed March 2015. See Changes page for details.]

     3.4.4 To lead Review Board meetings when the HCC is not available.

  • [Added March 2015. See Changes page for details.]

3.5 The responsibilities of the Honor Code Education Committee are:

     3.5.1 To educate students about academic integrity and the Luther College Honor Code.

     3.5.2 To assist the HCC in reviews of the Honor Code.

     3.5.3 To become a temporary replacement if a regular member of the HCRB is unable to attend a meeting.

3.6 The Honor Council Recorders keep the records of each meeting of the HCRB and create a protocol of the investigations and deliberations.

3.7 The Faculty Advisor takes part in the deliberations of the HCRB but has no vote. The opinion of the Faculty Advisor is recorded.

3.8 The responsibilities of the Campus Appeals Board are:

     3.8.1 To inform the Honor Council Chair about an appeal.

     3.8.2 To consider the written statement of the Honor Council.

     3.8.3 To inform the Honor Council Chair about the result of the appeals process.