Hospitality and Conviviality

Comments from Participants:


‘Twas a joy to be with like-minded kindred souls.  . . .Networking is very helpful--nothing like sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. 

It was a great experience, and I especially valued the friendship and connections made. 

The Scandinavian refreshments at break time (kringle and sand-bakkels) were greatly to be appreciated.

It was wonderful—down to the details (I loved the sandbakkels!).  

Banquet and refreshments were beautifully handled.
















Vibrancies readers--Paul Shepherd (left) renews friendship with other presenters Gary Fincke and Jill Alexander Essbaum
Poets John Graber and Cass Dalglish get acquainted
Poet Susanna Childress hugs old friend Walt Wangerin, Jr.
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