Festival Reformation Day Worship

Comments from Participants:


Norene Smith's sermon was exactly what we as a church need to hear.  It was great!

Clearly Luther is a very special place, full of the poetry of life itself. 

In our current work culture, it was wonderful to see and hear the stories, the poetry, the art of those who have dedicated their lives to the often financially and spiritually difficult practice of writing.  This intense weekend--where I heard such beautiful and meaningful works of words--made me realize how we tend to live in a world where our work is but a segment that becomes whole/ complete when we encounter creative works of others.  Thank you for your important work to make a weekend that reminded me of this.  I also appreciated that it was at a Lutheran College that reminds us of our religious heritage, that is open wide to the gifts of such divergent presenters.  Looking forward to 2013.     


























Luther English major Lauren Haefemeyer reads Richard Wilbur poem at Festival Reformation Worship Service
Pastor Norene Smith preaching
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