Panel Discussions

Comments from Participants:


I particularly appreciated the panel on literary craft and doctrinal concerns: it was interesting to hear the different takes on the issues, and yet to recognize the convergence of themes.

I particularly enjoyed the panels and also the readings by the writers.  The only difficulty was the fact that they were all so wonderful.  For a beginning writer, it's intimidating!   

I thought that all the panels (maybe with one exception) were most stimulating and worthwhile.

What a wonderful, inspiring group of panelists!

My favorite panel was the Sunday Sense of Place Panel--very diverse yet so important in writing.  

My Sunday morning panel was especially enjoyable.  There were lots of worthy questions and the panelists gave equally insightful answers.







































Poet Jill Alexander Essbaum (l.) and novelist Paul Shepherd talk on the panel on Art, Idea, and Belief
Memoirist Rachel Faldet (l.) and novelist Mark Mustian talk about their historical writing in the panel on The Past Is a Foreign Country
Poet Robert Schultz and novelist Rene Steinke listen as part of panel on The Past Is a Foreign Country
Festival Particpants listen to panel discussion
Self-published novelist Cristy Fossum (l.) and poet and editor Katy Giebenhain listen to fellow panelists as part of the Thoughts on Editing and Publishing panel discussion
Poet and poetry editor Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner and highly-published author Gary Fincke listen to the discussion generated by their panel called Thoughts on Editing and Publishing
Fiction writer Lauri Anderson presents on the panel A Sense of Place
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