Richelle Johnson

Richelle Johnson

Year: Sophomore

Position: Cutter

Number: 12

Hometown: Kingston, IL

People Call Me: Richelle, Rish

Major: Psychology

Best Freya Moment: Scoring a point at my first tournament

Most embarrassing moment: The entire first month of trying to learn how to throw forehand

If you could be another person on Freya, who would it be and why? Braid, because she is a BEAST.

Superstitions: My socks never match!

What you are "known for" on the team: Being in a huge sling after shoulder surgery.

Favorite pick-up line: Are you from Tennesee? 'Cause you're the only 10 I see!

Favorite Tournament Food: My 2-day old sandwich I made in the caf. Yum.