Maria Brown

Georgia Southerns 2011

Year: Sophomore

Number: 5

Hometown: Fredonia, WI

People Call Me: Singing ‘Maria’

Major: Nursing

Best Freya Moment: The eye game during spring break and making a pit stop to buy toilet paper on a morning run then continuing to run on the beach (with the three packages of TP) back to our house.

Most embarrassing moment: I usually try to forget them so I will have to get back to you later...

IF you could be another person on Freya, who would it be and why? Kristy Ortmann for her layouts

Superstitions: Cows lifting their tails is a sure sign that rain is coming..

What are you “known for” on the team: Stealthy...I just quietly appear and disappear

Favorite pick-up line: Did you hear the latest health report? You need to increase your daily intake of Vitamin ME

Favorite Tournament Food: Bagels and crunchy peanut butter