Kristen Schultz


Georgia Southerns 2011




 Year: Senior

Position: Cutter

Number: 77

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

People Call Me: Kakes, K-10

Major: French      

Best Freya Moment: My sophomore year at Eau Claire's Chillout tournament, someone tried to throw the disc between my legs. It didn't work very well.

Most Embarrassing moment: Ordering an English muffin sandwich at Subway - it was the worker's first time selling an English muffin.

If you could be another person on Freya, who would it be and why? Sanna Beek('09). She can play Frisbee.

Superstitions: Whenever I set my alarm, the last number must be either a 7 or 2.

What you are "known for" on the team:  My pink hat, knee brace, calves, and overall swagga.

Favorite pick-up line:

Girl: Wanna go for a walk?

Boy: To where?

Girl:  Let's find out.

Favorite Tournament Food: Nuts.