Kenza Sahir

Kenza Sahir

Year: Freshman

Number: 22

Hometown: Dubuque, IA

People Call Me: Calysta.

Major: Biology and French

Best Freya Moment: D-ing a throw from my girl 'crush' in Omaha

Most embarrassing moment: Tripping over myself when practicing fake cuts.

If you could be another person on Freya, who would it be and why? Braid: If you know her you'll understand why.

Superstitions: It is necessary for me to wear mismatched socks.

What you are "known for" on the team: I am Freya's diversity. Aka Token Moroccan

Favorite pick-up line: (hold out hand) Would you hold this for me while I go for a walk?

Favorite Tournament Food: Anything that Kakes bakes.