Kelsey Balk

Midwest Throwdown 2011

Year: Senior

Position: Cutter

Number: 24

Hometown: Monument, CO

People Call Me: Awesome

Major: Biology/ Psychology

Best Freya Moment: The moment I realized how sweet ultimate is was on the last looong point of a game even though I was wet and freezing cold when I cause a turnover and scored the point.

Most embarrassing moment: I do embarrassing stuff all the time, so it's hard to pick just one.

If you could be another person on Freya, who would it be and why? I would be a combo of people: Courtney's hair, Kelsey A's attitude, Kake's cutting style, and probably the best traits of a lot more people.

Superstitions: I always set my alarm for even numbers (like 8:08 am)

What you are "known for" on the team:  The New Girl

Favorite pick-up line: I like you.

Favorite Tournament Food: Fruit and granola!