• A Luther women's ultimate frisbee player tosses the frisbee to another player.

Freya Ultimate

Luther Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team now holds the name of “Freya”. In Norse mythology, Freya refers to the goddess of love, beauty, and war. For the record, we are working on assembling a chariot to be driven by two cats, and Patagonia is in the process of customizing our cloaks of falcon feathers. Through our team camaraderie, we train and harness our talent in tournaments in hopes of competing at the national level. 

Ultimate is a non-contact, team sport played with a flying disc. The sport has been around since the 70's, but is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Each fall and spring, our team attends tournaments in the Midwest, and across the country, in order to prepare ourselves for the USA Ultimate College Series which takes place in April and May.

To our alumni, friends, family, and Luther administration and community, thank you for your continued support—we hope to see you all on the sidelines at some point this season.