2015-16 Events


The Women and Gender Studies department welcomed back students and staff for the 2015-16 school year with a


Gender. Attraction. Aware and Unaware.

Acrylics and Acrylic Collages by Lauren Anderson

An ongoing display of Dr. Lauren Anderson's artwork can be found in the Women and Gender Equality Center.

"When and where do our gender presentations matter in our lives? Creating these acrylic paintings and collages gave me a space to explore the visual repercussions of gender—a space I did not even realize I was inhabiting when I created some of these pieces. Enter into the visuals and decide what story they tell to you. Then read the cards next to them and allow my questions to add to your story of the painting. In the end, I hope you have pondered what comprise the visual markers of gender and what role gender ambiguity might play in your life and mine." -Dr. Anderson