WGST Board

The Women and Gender Studies (WGST) Board consists of eight members of the faculty, at least two representatives from each academic division of the college and the Women & Gender Studies Program Director. The board meets regularly to set short and long term goals for the program; evaluate courses and content of the WGST major and minor; review student petitions; and oversee and approve the WGST program budget

Dr. Michael C. Johnson

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Office: Olin 316

Phone: 563-387-1638

Email: johnmi10@luther.edu

Jane M. Hawley

Professor of Dance

Office: Center for the Arts 109

Phone: 563-387-1694

Email: hawleyja@luther.edu

Benjamin Moore

Assistant Professor of Art

Office: Center for the Arts 107

Phone: 563-387-1112

Email: mooreben@luther.edu

Ginger C. Meyette

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Office: Koren 324

Phone: 563-387-1261

Email: meyegi01@luther.edu

Dr. Maryna J. Bazylevych

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies

Office: Koren 320

Phone: 563-387-1349

Email: bazyma01@luther.edu

Dr. Holly G. Moore

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Office: Ockham House 13

Phone: 563-387-1222

Email: moorho01@luther.edu

Anna Peterson
Assistant Professor of History
Office: Koren 202
Phone: 563-387-1155
Email: petean07@luther.edu

Stephanie Travers
Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: Valders 344U-2
Phone: 563-387-1254
Email: travst01@luther.edu



Women and Gender Studies Board Back Row: Michael Johnson, Holly Moore, Ben Moore, Anna Peterson Front Row: Stephanie Travers, Ginger Meyette, Jane Hawley Missing: Maryna Bazylevych