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Web Content Bureau


Web Content Bureau

The Web Content Bureau is a team of student workers who help faculty, staff, and other students create and manage content for the Luther College website.

Elisabeth Athas (Junior): I'm a double major in Theater and Management and a Resident Assistant in Miller Hall. I'm heavily involved in our Visual and Performing Arts Department both as a student and performer. By working with the Web Content Bureau, I have built stronger relationships with the faculty in my department that I may have never met otherwise. Because of this, I'm creating a network of friends and mentors that I hope can connect me with non-profit arts organizations in the Midwest following my graduation.

Mariah Crotty (Junior): I'm a Biology major and Spanish minor and I play clarinet in the Symphony and Chamber orchestras at Luther. Working for the Web Bureau has given me the chance to meet many of the great faculty at Luther, as well as the opportunity to learn more about creating websites. After graduating from Luther, I plan to go to graduate school for veterinary medicine.

Gage Dykema (Junior): I am a Computer Science and Management double major and also enjoy playing intramural soccer and broomball here at Luther. Working for the Web Bureau has strengthened my programming skills, helped me to form great relationships with the faculty of Luther, and complimented my work in the Marketing department. After I graduate I hope to attend graduate school for Computer Security in London.

Ben Harney (Junior): I'm a Management major with Math, Information Systems, and Environmental Studies minors. There’s a lot I enjoy about working for the Web Bureau, but the highlights are the great people, communication with the Luther staff, and the experience of understanding a webpage and its uses. I also really like that the work I do makes a difference for the school and directly affects the students. After graduating from Luther, my future is pretty unknown but I am considering a career in web design.

Cody Kliethermes (Junior): I'm currently studying Accounting and Management at Luther and particularly enjoy focusing on the topics of managerial accounting. My student worker opportunity in the Web Bureau has provided knowledge about content management systems in addition to valuable experience in working cooperatively with others on website projects. After graduating from Luther, I plan to get a career in either Accounting or Actuarial Science.

Audrey Dontje Lindell (First-year): I’m currently a French major, a beginning piano player and a book lover. I’m debating adding either an English or Communications major, and I hope that gaining hands-on experience in the Web Content Bureau will help me decide what’s right! After I graduate, I hope to find an opportunity to write and teach in a French-speaking country.

Amalia Mongiat (Sophomore): I am a Social Work major with both Spanish and Women’s Studies minors. Working with the Web Bureau is an opportunity to gain experience with webpages, working cooperatively on website projects, and build relationships with Luther faculty. I am excited to help create ways to offer others access to more information about Luther College.

Shelby Nelson (Junior): As a Communication Studies major and Computer Science minor, working for Luther’s Web Bureau has provided me with valuable, marketable skills and the ability to collaborate with others in a professional environment. I am passionate about people and technology and I look forward to one day applying my skills at an advertising firm when I graduate.

Dan Wheelock (Junior): Working with the web bureau helped me realize what I want to major in, Communication Studies. Combining my marketing skills with my passion for football I hope to work with a sports organization's marketing department after I graduate.