How to Apply

You need to provide the following to Professor John Moeller:

  1. official application
  2. official transcript
  3. resume
  4. a 3-5 page writing sample
  5. a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers

Internship Coordinator, Emma Webb, will use the writing sample and the letter of recommendation in securing your internship. Please inform the writer that the point of the letter is not to get you admitted to the program but to talk about what you would bring to an internship.

If you want to contact Emma Webb, you may reach her using the following contact information:

Phone: 703-525-LCWC (or 703-525-5292) or 888-456-LCWC
Fax: 703-525-2442

Post: 1025 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22209-2225