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Past Visitors 2003-04

  • John Fialka

    John Fialka is a member of the Wall Street Journal's Washington Bureau and the author of three books: War By Other Means, the first documented study of economic espionage in America, Hotel Warriors, a first-hand account of the battles between the press and the military during the Gulf War. A third book, Sisters; Catholic Nuns and the Making of America, was published in January 2003 by St. Martin's Press. John Fialka, Wall Street Journal reporter
  • Makoto Fujimura

    Makota Fujimura is a Christian painter combining modern abstract expressionism with the traditional Japanese technique of "Nihonga," painting with crushed semi-precious minerals such as azurite, malchite, and cinnebar. Fujimura's work is know internationally and has been celebrated in important reviews, major commissions, and important museum purchases.
  • Robert Cording

    Dr. Robert Cording is a prize-winning poet whose books include Life-List (1987; Ohio State University Press/Journal Award); What Binds Us to this World (1991); Heavy Grace (1996); and Against Consolation (2002).
  • Floyd Hart

    Rev. Floyd Hart, an ordained Presbyterian pastor, is the Director of the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission at Rock Point, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.
  • Robert and Rebecca Shaw

    Drs. Robert and Rebecca Shaw are medical doctors in obstetrics and new born care in Des Moines, IA.
  • Tiger McLuen

    Tiger McLuen is the Executive Director of Youth Leadership’s Center for Youth and Family Ministry in Minneapolis, MN. He is an instructor of Youth Ministry at both Luther and Bethel Seminaries in St. Paul, and an author of Equipped to Serve—a volunteer youth worker training course.
  • James Pusack

    Dr. James Pusack, long-time professor, has distinguished himself as a language pedagogue and, more recently, as a pioneer in computer-assisted instruction of second language acquisition. He has been instrumental in the development of authentic television materials for the teaching of language and culture, including leadership of PICS, the University of Iowa’s project for national distribution of foreign television programming.
  • Susan Karant-Nunn

    Dr. Susan Karant-Nunn is Director of the Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Studies, University of Arizona.