Study Away

Luther College believes in the transformational experience of global learning. Art and performance-focused study away classes provide powerful opportunities to understand another culture through the lens of its art. Luther's study away programs give students essential exposure to the grand art and performance traditions of the world, while also allow focused opportunities to translate such experiences in one’s own art. Beyond art and performance-focused trips, many visual and performing arts students opt to find study-away opportunities relevant to their interests through the Center for Global Learning.

Luther-led Courses

(current offerings vary by year)


  • Renaissance Drawing in Historical Context (Italy)
  • Prehistoric Through Contemporary Art in Britain and Ireland (United Kingdom and Ireland)
  • Travel Path Early Books in Britain and Ireland (United Kingdom and Ireland)
  • Potters for Peace (Nicaragua)
  • Art of Scandinavia and the Baltic (Scandinavia)
  • Plays, Players, and Playhouses (United Kingdom)
  • Ritual as Performance in Japan (Japan)
  • English Theatre, Mirror of Society and the Human Condition (England and Scotland, United Kingdom) 
  • From the Middle Ages To the Holocaust, Jews and Judaism in Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Krakow)
  • Picturing Change in Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)


  • Art in Cultural Perspectives: Fiber Arts and Culture in Hawaii (Hawaii, United States)
  • Scandinavian Fine Handcrafts, Grand Marais (Michigan, United States)

Additionally, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) and several other arts-focused organizations offer courses. These include: