Study Away

The VPA Department believes in the life-changing experience of global learning. These programs build student understanding of self and art in our world.

Center for Global Learning

Study away programs are organized through the Center for Global Learning. Every year Luther offers different art, theatre, and dance programs.

There are three main study-away organizations that Luther students apply for:

  • Luther programs are organized through Luther College. Students can study for a Semester/Academic Year, January Term, or Summer.
  • Consortium/Exchange programs are organized through Luther in collaboration with partnered universities and organizations both domestically and internationally.
  • ACM programs are organized through the Associated Colleges of the Midwest - a consortium of liberal arts colleges. Students can study domestically and internationally for the Semester/Academic Year or Summer.


Hayley Ryan '15 in Ireland
Hayley Ryan '15 in Ireland

Hayley Ryan '15, Theatre

Academic Programs International (API) - Cork, Ireland

"Most of all, I loved living in a foreign country! I was able to walk to get my groceries, to class, and to parks. I lived with roommates from the U.S., Spain, and France. It was great to be able to experience a different culture and lifestyle! I also loved having a whole month to travel around Europe! I was able to go to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and Scotland! It was an experience that I will never forget!"

Jenny Bonnell's photography
Jenny Bonnell's photography

Jenny Bonnell '15, Art

Picturing Change, street photography in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau

"The most memorable feeling was probably how foreign I felt; not only was I a white female in a predominantly Asian culture, but I was a white female with a big camera taking pictures of a predominantly Asian culture. Being a photographer while attempting to be a traveler really changed the playing field for me, and it made me realize how essential it is to immerse yourself in many cultures, rather than look at everything like a fish bowl."

Jenna Darsee '15 in Berlin
Jenna Darsee '15 in Berlin

Jenna Darsee '15, Art

Jews and Judaism, Netherlands/Germany/Czech Republic/Poland

"The most memorable moment for me was connecting experience with place, there is so much art that has been created in response to the events of WWII, it was rewarding to be in the place where these events took place and to see the way a community can rebuild and how they are still rebuilding after such events."