Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Department celebrates artistic voices in art, dance, and theatre. Our program promotes the collaborative process that artists use to make work.  

We are housed in the Center for the Arts building on campus. This helps promote artistic interaction between our students. Our building is known for the activity and energy of artists creating new work.

Our classes often interconnect.

  • drawing classes visit dance classes to explore lines of movement
  • computer art students develop computer applications that interact in real-time with performers
  • actors bring their performance skills to art class presentations

Students of the various areas of art interact. Some examples of this may include:

  • a pre-architecture art major creating a performance space for and with a dance student
  • an artist exploring the creation of a gallery exhibit in which a performance takes place
  • theatre students collaborating with a faculty member to create an interactive gallery

Faculty members cross the disciplinary boundaries. For instance, 

  • many classes can count as either an art, dance, or theatre credit, depending on student needs
  • participating in productions and exhibits by collaborating with one another

These connections support the interactions between art, dance, and theatre.


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Luther now offers an Individualized Interdisciplinary major in Movement Fundamentals.

Certification in Movement Fundamentals is highly recommended with this specialized major. For information about becoming certified, visit the professional website.

Dance Program featured at STEAM Day

The Luther College dance program has been commissioned to perform "Body of Water" (premiere March 2015) and "The Invitation Game" (premiere March 2016) for STEAM Day at the Visitation School located in Mendota Heights, MN on March 25, 2017. "Body of Water" will be the centerpiece performance featuring seven alumni and four current students from the dance and jazz studies programs. "The Invitation Game" will be an interactive workshop featuring four alumni and nine current students.